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Automatic Brass Head Nailing Systems

Automatic Brass Head Nailing Systems

The Design Tool Inc. Automatic Brass Head Nailing Systems are designed to drive brass head decorative nails in furniture applications.  The design of the nail gun barrel assembly allows the nails to be driven into a variety of fabrics and frame materials without marring the nail head.  The barrel assembly design also centers the nails so that they are driven straight each time, and accommodates driving the nail from any direction rotationally for ease of use.  The barrel design also allows the nails to be drive head to head.  This feature makes it easier for the operator to maintain nail alignment on the application.  The nail guns are extremely fast, and are available for almost all brass head nail sizes.

The nail gun design is lightweight and uses heat treated components on the barrel assembly for long life.  The air pressure is regulated and can be adjusted to compensate for hard and soft frame materials.  The nail gun trigger assembly is ergonomically designed for operator comfort, minimizing fatigue.

The nailing system base units use vibratory feeder bowls and patented feed mechanisms to deliver the nails quickly and reliably to the nail gun. The controls for the nail gun baseplates are robust and easy to maintain.  The feed system is controlled pneumatically for use in almost any manufacturing environment.  The feed mechanisms are heat treated for durability as well.  The Design Tool Inc. Automatic Brass Head Nailing Systems improve customer’s manufacturing efficiency and productivity while reducing product cost and increasing profitability. Please contact us for competitive pricing.

  • Operator can drive 60-80 brass nails per minute.
  • Unique barrel design will drive nail straight every time.
  • Barrel designed to drive in any direction.
  • Air gauge adjustment for varying hardness of frame material.
  • Fastest brass nailer system on the market today.


Automatic Brass Head Nailing Systems
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