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DTI 4000 Presenter System

Looking for a bowl feed & insertion system for DynaFlo grease fitting [58790]. The fitting needs to be inserted into a grey iron class 30 casting.

Please call us to see if you want to blow feed the grease fitting or present it for pickup.

DTI 5000 Screw Feeder

What is your warranty on the Screwdriver and Screw Feeder?

One Year.

Can you use different lengths in the feed mechanism?

The answer is yes. The orientation device on the feeder bowl will accommodate many variations in length in the same track. When the fastener diameter changes, then in most cases ,an extra cover feed plate is required in a tools free change out.

Can we use EURO SCREW with the DTI 5000 Screw Feeder?

We have many DTI units that are built for Euro Screws. Please call in for size and length so we can get you a formal quote.

What is the minimum size of screw to be used with DTI system?

The shank must be longer than the size of the head to be blow-fed automatically. If it is not, then we can present it for pick up with a screw presenter

Would it be possible to get an operation manual for the DTI 5000?

We would need the serial number from brass tag on base plate with bowl unit. We can email or fax to you. Please call in and ask for Kevin Church.

Can you adapt to different brands of pneumatic or electric screwdrivers?

We can build on any brand of screwdrivers. You tell us the brand so we can order one or you can supply one. Your choice!

I have an application for feeding in side profile square grub screws. Drive is internal on one side only. Can you handles these fasteners?

Yes we can built a screwfeeder for this. We would need to see the application and see where you are driving screws for access purposes. Please email pictures so we could give you a formal quote or send screws and application.

Can your screwdrivers drive self drilling screws in sheet-metal?

Yes you can. We would need to look at your application and screws to recommend your torque and rpm's. Please give us a call to discuss.

Can the screwdriver be operated in a horizontal position?

Yes it can. You can use a inline or a pistol to drive screws automatically.

Do you have videos?

You can go to our website to view them or go to youtube and type in Design Tool, Inc. to get additional videos.


Yes we can. Please call us at 800-627-3674 for a quote.

Can you produce a machine(gun) that can feed and drive a #8 x X 2.5 inch screw?

Yes we can. Please call us at 800-627-3674 for more information and a formal quote?

How can you get into my recessed holes in my application?

We use a counter bore tip to access your hole location.

Do you have a screwdriver that will drive the screw to depth in plastic.

Yes, we use drive to depth components on the screwdriver to stop the screw to a depth. This is used a lot in the plastic industry.

What is the cost of DTI 5000 and the 1000-N? Can I use different screws and nuts?

Each system is designed for one screw size or one nut size. The screw can vary in length but head diameter has to stay the same. Call 800-627-3674 or email for pricing.

Why should I buy your Automatic Screwdriver?

We have the best performing screw feeders on the market. Our patented feed mechanism has only one moving part. Our systems are designed for high volume operations that outlast our competitors! Call us at 800-367-2674 for more information.

How many screws are needed to design and test the bowl/feed mechanism?

We require 1,000 screws to test the bowl feeder and simulate production rate.

How fast can you feed a fastener?

Usually in less than a second. Our patented feed mechanism feeds the fastener as it drives the fastener down and as the bit retracts then the next screw is in place ready to be driven. We have the fastest system on the market!

Can your product be used for In-Die sheet metal insertion?

Yes, we have done similar systems. Please call us for more details at 800-627-3674 and ask for Kevin Buckner.

What is driving to torque vs driving to depth on fasteners mean and will it damage my part?

Design Tool Inc. has various design strategies for preventing damage to susceptible components when driving screws. These design strategies include polymer standoffs on barrel and collet assemblies, barrel and collet assemblies that retract when the driver is triggered, etc. Regarding driving to torque vs. driving to depth, that depends upon the application as well. If the component material that the screw is driven into is consistent, drive to torque is usually the best solution. However, if the material is inconsistent, or the component that the screw head contacts can be damaged by over torqueing the screw, then drive to depth may be a better solution. Once we have your applications and screws, we can determine the best design strategy to prevent damage and drive the screw successfully for your applications.

What tolerance does a DTI 5000 screwdriver hold to a set torque?

It depends on the screwdriver we specify. A DC Electric Screwdriver holds a tolerance of +/-3% and a pneumatic screwdriver is +/-10%. DTI specs the driver for the customer's application requirements.

Can you make our Company a custom machine that counts screws so that we can bag them? We need a faster way to assemble our screws.

We can use a screw dispenser to count out the right amount of screws and drop into a bag. We will call you to discuss. We have you contact information.

Can you orientate set screws 1/4x20 ...1/4 long?

We can auto-feed the screw if the length is longer than the width of the set screw. Please call us for more information at 800-627-3674.

I am looking at the DTI 5000 Screw Feeder for use with my Kolver electric screwdriver. What pressure and volume of air is needed for driving 20 screws per minute?

15 CFM @ 85-90 PSI. We recommend 1/2" airline to our system.

Does the DTI 5000 take oil and if so what type?

The DTI 5000 Screw Feeder with pneumatic screwdriver has a lubricator on base unit used for the screwdriver. Air tool oil is recommended for lubricating the screwdriver for longer life and better performance. Warranty is voided if not used on pneumatic screwdriver.

On a DTI 5000, the "thruster" refers to which piece of the equipment?

The thruster is purchased with the Screwdriver Platen assembly. The thruster advances the screwdriver platen assembly to the application, the screwdriver platen drives the screw, and then the thruster retracts the screwdriver platen assembly out of the way so the operator can remove the part.

When do you use a floating spindle screwdriver vs a fixed spindle screwdriver on your platen assembly?

I wanted to address the use of floating spindles on platen applications. We do not use floating spindles when the individual screwdrivers each have a dedicated cylinder to advance the driver to drive the screw. The only time DTI uses floating spindles is if all drivers are mounted on a single plate and bearing assembly, and must all be advanced simultaneously using a single cylinder. In that case, the floating spindles are necessary to allow each screw to start into the application individually, as the screws will all start at slightly different times.

What are my options for feeding and driving a set screw?

We can feed and drive set screws as long a the length is longer than the width of the screw. We would need to see a print to confirm.

Can we use different size screws in the bowl feeder?

Our systems can accommodate different lengths of the same screws, but the head dimensions and shank thickness must stay the same. We would need to know the shortest and longest lengths before the system is ordered and designed.

Can we use one bowl feeder for two different assembly stations?

DTI can feed multiple fixtured screwdrivers from one single bowl feeder, but not handheld screwdrivers being utilized by human operators. We recommend purchasing multiple systems for operator interface for speed, reliability and cost. Two systems would be cheaper and more versatile for moving around them around in the future.

Can you drive a PT14 x 6mm Lg screw Torque with 1.23 inch lb?

We need more information on the screw drawing. Can you send it to for definite answer.

On the quote I noticed that the system is PLC controlled. I plan on having a central computer for this, not a PLC. Do you have a system with another form of control that works with standard PCs?

We use a dedicated PLC located in our control panel to operate the bowl, feed mechanism, and the platen assembly solenoid valve. Our system only requires a momentary signal from your central control to tell our system to feed and drive the screw. We supply a cable that can be wired into your system to provide the signal to our PLC. As our system will be located on the shop floor and subjected to the shop environment, we use PLCs to insure that the controls system is robust enough to operate in this environment. You should be able to use your central PC to close a contact and send our system the feed screw signal via the supplied cable.

How does the screwdriver platen and thruster move?

The platen assembly contains a pneumatic cylinder to advance the driver to drive the screw. The driver stroke is dependent upon the screw length and application. The thruster assembly moves the entire platen assembly toward and away from the work. When the platen is in position to drive the screws, the collets that hold the screw must be close enough to the work that the screw shank enters the pilot hole or engages the threads before the collets open to allow the screw head to exit. The front end of the collets is normally 0.06 – 0.12 in. from the work surface. The thruster is used to move the platen assembly into position to drive the screws, then move the platen assembly back away from the work after the screw is driven for load / unload clearance. It is a separate axis from the driver cylinder.

Can we test the unit?

All of our systems are custom built to your screw and application.

DTI 7000 Brass Nail System

What is your delivery on Brass Head Nail systems?

Usually one week if it has been designed already.

Can we order just the gun portion for the brass head nail system?

Yes you can. Please call in to the parts department and they can help you at 800-627-3674.

What size of decorative nail heads can be used?

The DTI 7000 brass head nail gun system has been designed for many different brass head sizes and lengths. Please call 800-627-3674 to see if your brass nail has been designed. If not, we can quote a special design for you.

How much is the cost of the DTI 7000 Brass Nail System?

It depends on the size of the Nail. Small brass nails like the 1009 (7/16") head diameter starts at $6,800.00

Nailer System

Can you build a machine to insert a 3" nail?

We can build a system to feed your 3" nail. We would need to know what the nail is going into and the force that is needed to drive the nail. Please call 800-627-3674 for additional information.

Can I hammer nails with DTI 5000 machine? What is the cost of this machine?

We can feed and drive nails with our systems. The cost depends if you want a hand held version with operator or a fixture version with remote signal sent. Please call 800-627-3674 for pricing and nail size.

Nut Dispenser System

Where is the link for DTI 1000 nut dispenser? is the link for Screw or nut dispenser. The info is for both and works the same. Please view video on left for nut dispenser.


Do you have a Dowel insertion gun?

No, we do not build automatic dowel insertion systems.

What is the DTI 8000?

The DTI 8000 is an Automatic Glide Feeder system that feeds and drives glides into furniture legs or components that are move around on the factory floor. Call us at 800-627-3674 for a quote on your glide dimensions.

Service & Parts

Would you please send me parts breakdown for DTI 50-7443 Screw Feed with Tool. Thank you

We will email manual to you tomorrow.

Could I have the manual and pneumatic diagram for a DTI 8000 Plastic Glide system, serial 80 6446? Thanks

Yes Just send us your Email or call 800-627-3674.

Service & Parts

We have a DTI 7000 brass nail system at work and it doesn't drive the nails straight. What is wrong?

The leaf springs have broken. The leaf springs align the nail as you pull the trigger. They will wear after 40,000 trigger pulls. You buy these in a set and replace both sides.


Call in and talk to Parts Department.

How do we calibrate the torque model SA024C-15 driver?

It shows in your manual step by step. If you can't locate then rotate sleeve on clutch housing until clutch is visible. Then insert # 1 phillips screwdriver and into notch then rotate screwdriver counterclockwise to increase torque or clockwise to decrease torque. Please call factory for futher assistance and ask for Kevin Church at 800-627-3674.

Who repairs serial # 50-5048, 5049? I'm in Bend, Oregon.

Please call the service department and we can help you over the phone or you can send them in for repair. 95% of call ins are resolved over the phone to eliminate down time.

I need a manual for an auto screw gun. SER. #503362?

Call Kevin Church in Parts to get one. He will email it to you.

How do we change the driver bit from #1 to a #2 in the model SA024C-15 driver?

Please call DTI at 800-627-3674 for answers and your serial number.

I have an in-line screwdriver serial# 50-4962 that needs service. Where and who's attention should I send it? Thanks!

Please send it back to DTI for service to the attention of Kevin Church. You can call him at 800-627-3674 or ship to:
Design Tool, Inc.
1607 Norfolk Pl SW
Conover, NC 28613

How to change out driver bits?

Please call in and we will explain it or you can refer to your mannual.

How do I get a SG0-21B-15Q screwdriver only?

Please call us at 800-627-3674 to help you with screwdriver or parts for your screwdriver. Please use your manual for part number.

I need a DTI 7000 Automatic nailer parts book.

Call 800-627-3674 and ask for parts and they can email you the manual. Thanks for you business.

Can I order new bits from Design Tool?

Yes, please call us 800-627-3674 and speak to the parts department. Please reference your part number from your manual.

How can I order parts if I don't have a manual?

yes, we need the brass plate serial number on the black plate support bowl feeder.

Trailer & Decking Industry

Do you offer Automatic Screwdriver Systems for trailer decking?

We offer T-Handle Deck tools that automatically feed and drive the fasteners into the trailer body. Please let us know the fastener and torque requirement and DTI will specify the driver.


Do you have a screw presenter that can apply loctite also?

Not we do not.

Can you feed and Drive a #2-56 SHCS with the bit 15 degrees off angle to the hole?

Yes we can, but need to know the total length of the screw to confirm. You can use a DTI 5000 handheld or fixture your screwdriver on linear slide to drive the screw.

What are your standard freight terms?

FOB, Conover, NC. We can ship collect or prepay and add on invoice. A lot of our handheld systems can go UPS or Fedex.

What is the maintence of the DTI 5000 bowl feeder with pneumatic screwdriver? Should I buy a spare driver not to be down since I run it 24 hours a day?

As you are aware, each machine is custom designed for the customer’s application and operation. That being said, it is very different to give you a PM schedule, as each machine and operation circumstances are different. We would recommend blowing out the bowl and feed mechanism every morning to eliminate debris. We would also recommend that they check the lubricator level each day to insure that the driver is getting oil. If they purchase the hosed-up power unit as recommended, they can swap out the driver assemblies periodically, and clean and replace o-rings, springs, etc. as needed. Once the customer has operated the machines for a month or two, they will have a good idea of how often they need to swap out the drivers for cleaning and maintenance. The maintenance schedule will greatly depend upon how the operator treats the equipment.

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