Accessories & Components

auxiliary supply hopper

Auxiliary Supply Hopper


noise reduction

Noise Reduction
Dust Protection


vertical torque arm

DTI 200 Freedom Series

Vertical Torque Arm:
Range Reach: 8.5" to 49.5"
Tool Wt. 3 lbs.
Operates within 20" circle

Frame sold separately

DTI 300 swivel torque arm

DTI 300 Swivel Torque Arm

Range Reach: 30" arm
Min. 12" Max. 31.5
Tool Wt. 10 lbs.
Operates within 20" Circle

DTI 400 linear workarm

DTI 400 Linear Workarm

Absorbs Torque, Sets screw
perpendicular to work surface
Single Balancer: 24" Reach
Tool Wt: 4 lbs.
Dual Balancer: 36" Reach
Tool Wt.: 8 lbs.

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