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Automatic Pin Nailer Systems


Design Tool, Inc. introduces the automatic pin nailer systems that feed and drive nails or pins into various applications such as window or skylight construction, LED light fixtures, furniture frame construction, and many other applications.  These systems can be designed on various manufacturers nailers, increasing their versatility.  These systems offer both pneumatic and PLC controls so that the system operation can be tailored to each individual application.  The additional level of control sophistication offered with the PLC controls allows precise control over the feeding system for increased productivity.

DTI automatic pin nailer systems replace existing nail gun components with our exclusive barrel, plunger, and trigger assembly designs to insure that the nails are driven straight and to the correct depth.  Safety features include trigger systems that drive the nails only when the nailer is in contact with the work to insure that inadvertent actuation cannot occur.

The DTI automatic pin nailer systems combine our patented feed mechanisms with robust nailer component design to give reliable performance in high volume applications.  The automatic pin nailer systems can also be configured to operate in automated assembly operations.  Each system is custom designed for the individual application and fastener. Please contact Design Tool, Inc. to see how we can increase productivity 40-50% with automation.

  • Operator drives nail straight every time.
  • Can be used in semi-automatic on fully automatic systems.
  • Single or multiple spindle driving.



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