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1607 Norfolk Place SW
Conover, NC 28613
Phone: (800) 627-3674
Email: sales@designtoolinc.com
Fax: (828) 328-4127

Design Tool Inc. is a worldwide leader in automatic screw feeding and driving technology. Our DTI team has over a combined 150 years of experience in the design and manufacturing of automatic screw driving equipment. Design Tool Inc. is a family-owned North Carolina-based company that provides automatic screw feeding, driving, presenting and dispensing solutions to a wide scope of industries such as automotive, electronics, metal, plastics, telecommunications, aerospace, wood and many others. DTI has over 25,000 machines that operate in over 10 countries around the world. We have an extensive network of distributors and reps available to sell and service our equipment and ensure our customer's satisfaction.

Design Tool is an industry leader, in part because of its five U.S. Patents on its feed mechanism. Our patented feed mechanism has only one moving part. The twist-lock cover allows fast access to the feed mechanism allowing it to be disassembled and reassembled in seconds without the use of tools. Our patented multi-feed system allows us to feed virtually any amount of multi-spindle screwdrivers from one bowl feeder.

The DTI Model 5000 is the world's fastest and simplest automatic screw feeder on the market. Each machine is built for speed, durability and reliability of performance with proven results of 50-60% increase in the assembly process. You can never afford to be down during manufacturing time. Design Tool prides itself on keeping replacement parts in inventory at the factory for around the clock availability to the customer. Many parts are standard commercial parts and are also available at your local maintenance supply house.

Design Tool also builds multi-spindle screw driving systems that are custom-designed as turnkey systems or machine-build componentry. Our experienced team of engineers also specialize in the design and fabrication of robotic, computerized, and PLC controlled units. Our accessories include a wide range of enclosures, supply hoppers and work arms.

Automation is the Future!

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