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Automatic T-Handle Deck Screwdriving Systems

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Design Tool Inc. presents the Automatic T-handle Deck Tool Systems that are used to drive fasteners into decking or flooring in the trailer and bus industries.  These systems are designed to prevent operator fatigue by allowing the operator to driver the fastener from an upright position, rather than bending or kneeling to drive the screw with conventional screwdrivers.  The automatic feeding system eliminates the need for an operator to carry a quantity of fasteners from joint to joint.  Long feed tube lengths allow an operator to cover a greater range of the trailer or bus flooring, minimizing repositioning of the work or tool.  Large bowl capacities and auxiliary feed hoppers offer longer times between replenishing the fastener supplies.

The DTI 5000 T-handle Deck tools offer ergonomic operator controls, including a lever throttle control for the driver operation, and either micro switch or operator actuated push button switches for controlling screw delivery.  These tools are also offered in a drive-to-depth configuration to reliably control the fastener depth in wood or composite decking, preventing the operator from driving the fastener too deep.  This feature greatly enhances the quality of the assembly by driving all screws to the same depth.  The drive-to-depth systems are offered in pneumatic and electronic-pneumatic configurations for application flexibility.

The T-handle Deck tool systems offer lightweight yet robust designs to maximize portability and reliability for our customers.  Rugged construction, powerful air motors, and DTI patented feeder bowl components combine to offer great value for our customers’ expectations. Please contact us for a quote on your system today.



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