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Automatic Screw Feeding With DC Electric Screwdrivers


Design Tool Inc. can build an auto-feed screwdriver system on almost any manufacturers DC Electric tool.  We have built on Atlas Copco, ASG, AIMCO, Desoutter, Ingersoll Rand, Kolver, and other manufacturer’s tools.  We offer standard, rigid, barrel retract, and counterbore systems on almost all DC tools that we build upon.  The sophistication of DC tools and controllers offer unique advantages for quality control and joint integrity to our customers.

            DC electric tools offer torque control, rotation angle control, or a combination of threshold torque and rotation angle control.   Torque control includes low and high limits to insure that the fastener torque is within specifications.  Rotation angle control counts fastener revolutions from a specific point to control fastener height or torque on soft joints.  The combination of rotation angle control combined with threshold torque measures degrees of rotation after a precise torque threshold has been met.  This type of operation works very well for self threading operation in applications such as sheet metal or plastic assemblies to prevent stripping the fastener.

Most DC driver controllers also offer a variety of communications protocols, including Ethernet, USB, and RS232 connections.  The communications flexibility insures ease of integration with automated systems such as screw feeders, as well as line communications and quality tracking and reporting.  When paired with a DTI 5000 screw feeding system, the DC electric drivers offer many advantages to our customers.  For example, systems can be designed to feed a screw only when the controller has reported a successful tightening sequence.  This feature prevents another fastener from being fed if the first fastener was not driven successfully and alerts the operator to the problem.  Systems can also be designed to retract the barrel and collet assembly when the motor starts preventing the collets from contacting the work.

Due to the versatility of our designs, Design Tool Inc. can build on both the inline and pistol DC electric tools that are offered by most manufacturers.  We also offer fixtured platen assemblies on DC tools for integration into automated assembly machines as well as robotic assembly processes.  The fixtured platen assemblies mount the drivers on linear bearings and advance the screwdrivers using pneumatic cylinders.  However, electronic actuators can be specified as well.  The combination of DC electric tools and Design Tool Inc. screw feeding systems offer precise torque control, assembly error proofing, and enhanced assembly tracking and reporting.  These features offer great value to our customers who want these options. Please contact us for more technical information and pricing on your complete automated system.


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