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Nut Driving System

nut driving system

The system above is a bench-mount automatic nut feeding and driving system, complete with part fixturing, bulk nut supply hopper, and PLC controls, and opti-touch buttons for activation. This system automatically fastens a nut in 1.4 seconds.

Design Tool Inc. offers nut driving systems to install hex or flange nuts onto components as a standalone station or fully integrated into the assembly line process. The nuts can be fed in either a cast aluminum or stainless steel bowl, depending upon the customer requirement. The nuts can be fed directly from the feed mechanism into a barrel and collet assembly for horizontal installations, or they can be track fed to a platen assembly for vertical installations.

DTI 1000 nut feeding systems improve throughput by eliminating the need for the operator to handle and install the nut onto the assembly. The operator simply loads the components into a nest, and the nut is installed when the machine is actuated. Custom nests are designed for each individual application to insure that the assembly is located correctly.

The DTI 1000 nut feeding system is PLC controlled, and the customer can make adjustments using the LCD screen to various parameters including feed time, driver advance time, and bowl run time. The flexibility provided by these adjustments allows the customer to tailor the unit to their application. This level of adjustability sets DTI apart from our competitors.

Please contact us today to discuss more technical information on your application and nut requirements. Let’s increase productivity by getting the nut out of the operator’s hand and eliminate repetitive motion injuries.


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