Fixtured Components, Machine Builders & Integrators

Screwdriver Platen Assemblies can be mounted to fixtures, robots, or indexing stations. DTI can drive one or multiple spindle screwdrivers at the same time. Z-Axis thruster assemblies can be added and stroke will be set up to your requirements.
Multi-Spindle Screwdrivers can be mounted and driven to torque specifications. Our patented multi-feed system can feed as many fasteners as you need from a single bowl placing us far ahead of our competitors. Please call us for a quote.
We build our screw feeders to adapt to any DC electric screwdriver. Equipped with torque angle-control to monitor the fastening process.
Our Single or Multifeed Feeding Systems are available using aluminum, nylon coated, or stainless steel bowls. Most sizes come in 10 inch, 18 inch, or 24 inch diameter bowls. All systems have the automation shut off feature that reduces wear and saves energy.
Our automatic pin nailer feeder systems can be designed on various manufacturers nailers to increase their versatility with both pneumatic & PLC controls.
The DTI 1000 Nut Driving Systems are the solutions for putting nuts on fasteners. Most systems increase production throughput of over 50%. These systems eliminate the operator from handling the nuts.