Fenestration & Woodworking

  • DTI handheld systems are designed to center the screw in hinge and hardware applications.
  • DTI patented feed mechanisms with one moving part operate reliably in harsh environments.
  • Turn-key machines can be designed for almost any hinge, keeper, lock, or tilt pin application.
  • Drive-to-depth systems are available on both handheld and turn-key machines to drive screws to a specific depth when required.
  • Bench mounted components are available as well for installation in existing assembly cells.

Since DTI's first years in business, the fenestration industry has been one of the largest industries serviced and that still holds true today. From doors and windows to cabinetry and window treatments, DTI is sure to have machines designed to fit your needs. With prior designs for door frames, cabinet frames, interior and exterior door hinges, window sashes, window and door locks, casements and even blinds and shutters, DTI has done it all. Our handheld inline and pistol grip screw driving systems are widely used throughout the cabinet, door and window industries. In addition, DTI has designed and built turn-key machines to both center the reinforcement bars and install window locks and keepers for both new construction and replacement window industries. These lock and keeper machines can be designed to accommodate multiple window extrusions and hardware designs. DTI has built turn-key machines to install window tilt pins with single or multiple screws for window manufacturers as well. DTI also offers turn-key hinge installation machines for door jambs. These machines can be designed to drive three or four screws into the hinge while maintaining hinge alignment with the jamb pocket. These machines have increased productivity and improved quality for many door manufacturers. DTI also offers components and feed systems for door machinery manufacturers as well. With an industry that demands precision and repeatability for a perfectly aesthetic finished product, trust DTI to provide just that, even at high production volumes.