Truck & Trailer

  • DTI T-Handle deck systems are designed to be easy for the operator to align the screws with the pre-drilled holes.
  • DTI T-handle deck systems offer long harness lengths to cover more trailer area.
  • DTI T-handle deck systems utilize our patented single moving part feed mechanism for reliability and simplicity.
  • DTI offers multi-feed systems for multiple spindle machine build component applications to reduce the number of bowls required to provide the screws, reducing cost and machine footprint.
  • DTI handheld systems are designed to be lightweight and compact for greater maneuverability and flexibility in trailer and truck body assembly applications.

In addition to the automotive sector, DTI provides automation equipment in various forms to the truck and trailer industry. DTI's T-Handle deck tools are the most popular design as this tool enables the operators to apply screws to trailer floors and sides while allowing the operator to stand upright and eliminate many ergonomic concerns of being on their hands and knees. The T-Handle deck systems can be built on either pneumatic air motors or DC electric screwdrivers. The T-handle deck systems also offer a drive-to-depth feature to insure that the screws are driven to the correct depth so that the screw heads are countersunk below the trailer deck surface. These systems are available with harness lengths up to 25 feet for flexibility in the trailer assembly process. In addition to the T-Handle solutions, machine-build components are popular as well. Machine build components can be mounted to gantry-type systems that can traverse the length of the trailer to apply screws in a point-to-point fashion or multiple spindles to feed and drive multiple screws at once. These systems can also be equipped with either pneumatic or DC electric drivers. Of course, if you prefer a simpler solution, our DTI-5000 handheld systems are always a great choice for automating your truck and trailer assembly application. Please let us know how we can help.