Machine Builder Components

  • DTI offers custom designed machine components to drive fasteners in almost any orientation including vertical, horizontal, or inverted vertical applications.
  • DTI control systems often require only a single cable for machine integration between the DTI control system and the assembly line control package.
  • DTI platen component systems are designed to be lightweight to minimize the payload capacity requirement for robotic installations.
  • DTI offers screw delivery confirmation for improved process control and reliability.
  • DTI systems can be designed to mount to quick change robotic systems for increased flexibility.

Although DTI provides handheld systems as well as fully-automated sub-assembly solutions directly to our customers, a very large portion of our business is providing screw feeding and driving components to machine builders and assembly line integrators. With our knowledgeable and experienced engineering team and state of the art CAD system, DTI is able to partner with any machine builder or integrator to provide the screw-feeding portion of almost any project. DTI offers custom designed platen components built upon pneumatic or DC drivers for automation applications, as well as customizing the system controls package for ease of integration with the assembly line. DTI platen components can be built upon almost any screwdriver manufacturer's products. DTI controls system packages offer numerous options regarding control of the screwdriver system. DTI also offers multi-feed systems to feed multiple spindles from a single bowl, reducing cost, complexity, and machine footprint. From robotic cells to fully-integrated assembly lines, driving single or multiple screws using single or multiple spindles, DTI has the ability to provide all of your fastener automation needs. We look forward to working with you and your automation team.