Lighting & Electrical

  • The DTI-5000 and it's patented design features can be designed to access most all screw locations.
  • Non-marring tips and shuckback features ensure your part is protected.
  • Most any screw can be automated with our custom-design features.
  • DTI can build onto most any type of screwdriver, including DC Electric drivers.

The lighting industry is one of manufacturing's largest industries today. With the introduction and great acceleration of LEDs, lighting manufacturers are always looking to increase production as much as possible. DTI has built and designed many various units for lighting applications, including LEDs, automotive lighting, appliance lighting, commercial and residential lighting fixtures, flashlights, lamps and many other lighting styles. With the ability to custom-design tight screw locations as well as driving the screws without touching the application, DTI is sure to have the solution right for your needs. Please give us a call to discuss your lighting applications and we look forward to your business.