• DTI brass nailer and glide systems combine speed and accuracy for decorative nail and glide applications in the furniture industry.
  • DTI-7000 brass nailer systems are available for all popular nail sizes.
  • DTI pistol grip and inline screwdriver systems can be designed for almost any furniture assembly application.
  • DTI turn-key drawer runner machines can be designed for single runner applications, or multiple runner applications such as dresser or chest sides.
  • DTI hinge and hardware installation systems can be integrated into almost any assembly process.

DTI has been supplying the furniture industry with automation equipment since day one. Whether you are producing residential furniture, hotel furniture, retail and commercial, outdoor furniture, or even decorative pieces, DTI has the answer. From screws and decorative nails to plastic glides and escutcheon pins, DTI has done it all. DTI has designed compact pistol grip handheld systems for installing hardware components in doors and drawers, as well as hinges and latches. DTI has also built turn-key machines to install hinges on cabinet doors, as well as drawer runners on drawer sides for many furniture manufacturers. DTI also offers machines for the popular Euro screws used to secure drawer slides onto various applications. These machines can be equipped with drills to predrill the holes before inserting the screws when required. The DTI-5000 auto feed screw driving systems and DTI-7000 Brass Nailer systems are the most popular in this industry, so please be sure to contact us to discuss your furniture production process. We are sure we can meet your assembly needs to improve quality and productivity.