Consumer Products

  • DTI offers various handheld pistol and inline systems built on almost any manufacturer's screwdriver for flexibility.
  • DTI patented feed mechanisms offer simplicity and reliability, and are designed to provide years of service in high cyclic rate applications.
  • DTI PLC driven control system packages are designed for ease of integration and flexibility in the fastening process.
  • DTI machine build components are custom designed for machine builders' individual applications, ensuring compatibility with the assembly line system.
  • Turn-key assembly machines are available for offline assembly operations.

DTI's extensive experience in custom-designed assembly equipment has enabled us to become the clear choice for automation equipment for consumer products and home goods. Often, the Design Tool Inc. engineering team is able to design driver components that are applicable to several different parts requiring the same screw, reducing automation cost and improving productivity. This is an incredible competitive advantage as this particular industry may contain an endless collection of products and goods available to consumers. DTI products are designed using a state-of-the-art CAD system to insure accuracy and compatibility with the assembly processes. DTI offers various types of driver systems to meet any fastening need, including handheld systems that hold the fastener rigidly in battery with the bit to allow the operator to probe for holes that may be misaligned. Our machine build components can be integrated into almost any assembly process due to our flexible component designs and controls systems. Whether you need handheld systems for your operators, machine-build components to be mounted onto your already existing equipment or a fully automated turn-key sub-assembly solution, DTI is sure to provide you with the best return on investment while improving quality and productivity.