Consumer Electronics

  • DTI-5000 handheld units are custom-designed to fit almost any application required.
  • Our systems can accommodate all screw sizes from micro-screws for small electronics to larger screws for electronic housings.
  • DTI-5000 can be designed to access tight hole locations such as counterbore screw locations.
  • DTI has the ability to design and build onto most any screwdriver required, including DC electric inline or pistol-grip styles.

In today's age, electronic devices of all types play an integral role in virtually every industry. Whether a company builds electronic devices or not, the majority of products being manufactured will likely contain an electrical part or component in some shape or form. That said, DTI has played an integral role in allowing electronics manufacturers to meet the high demand that has been put on them worldwide. Knowing the importance of quality and care required to manufacture electrical components, DTI is the clear choice for your automation needs. From micro-screws, to control boards, computer boards, televisions, speakers, personal electronics, GPS units, automotive electronics and many more, DTI has the experience and proven success record to be your number one choice for automating your electronics application. Please call to discuss your needs and learn how DTI can increase your production while ensuring quality finished products.