• Design Tool Inc. systems are very easy to integrate into an assembly process.
  • Dispenser and fastener driving systems are PLC driven, and operation can be custom tailored to your assembly process.
  • Our patented feed mechanisms are extremely reliable and require very little preventative maintenance.
  • Design Tool Inc. offers several different types of handheld systems for both inline and pistol type screwdrivers to adapt to almost any assembly application.
  • Design Tool Inc. fixtured multiple spindle systems can be supplied with fasteners from a single bowl using our multiple exit feed systems, reducing cost, complexity and machine footprint.

DTI has extensive experience working directly with most automobile manufacturers as well as their direct OEM suppliers. Whether you are looking to dispense a distinct number of fasteners to an operator for accountability and quality purposes, feed and drive fasteners automatically with DC or pneumatic handheld screwdrivers, or fully-automate your line with fixtured machine-build components or turn-key solutions, DTI will be with you every step of the way. DTI dispensing systems provide the exact number of fasteners needed for an assembly station, eliminating the possibility of excess fasteners being left in an assembly by mistake. DTI handheld systems supply the next fastener as the current fastener is driven to reduce cycle time while eliminating the need for operators to handle fasteners, and can be designed and built on almost any manufacturer's screwdriver. DTI offers handheld systems that hold the fastener rigidly in battery with the bit to allow the operator to locate and drive fasteners in component that may be slightly misaligned. DC drivers allow joint tracking and reporting to insure that all quality requirements are met when driving fasteners. DTI fixtured components or turn-key systems offer single or multiple spindles that drive fasteners simultaneously for increased productivity. Our expert engineering team will be in coordination with your team from design to shipment. From engines and transmissions, interiors, electronics, body and trim, DTI can custom-design a system that is sure to compliment your production processes, saving you time and money.