Appliances & HVAC

  • DTI-5000 hand-held systems can be designed and built on almost any type or brand of screwdriver.
  • Handheld systems are easy to use, and can be operated as stand-alone systems or integrated with assembly line control systems.
  • Harness lengths can be varied to allow flexibility in locating the bowl and base unit assembly.
  • Design Tool Inc. patented feed mechanisms have a single moving component for reliability and simplicity.
  • Design Tool Inc. fixtured components are lightweight and robust, minimizing the payload capacity requirement for robotic systems.

DTI's extensive experience in fastener automation has played an integral role in production for the appliance industry. With the most popular style being the DTI-5000 Handheld Systems, operators are able to apply screws directly to their products with speed, precision and ergonomic improvements. DTI-5000 systems are available for both inline and pistol grip screwdrivers, and are custom-designed to each individual assembly application. DTI also offers fixtured components for integration with both Cartesian and SCARA robotic assembly systems. Our fixtured units can also be mounted on collaborative robotic systems that are integrated into the assembly line for improved productivity. Whether you have a moving line or sub-assembly area, our systems are the clear choice for success. With our customer base consisting of most of the top-brand appliance manufacturers, DTI can offer a solution to increase productivity and improve quality in your appliance assembly. We look forward to working with you.