DTI Automatic Screw Feeding and Screwdriving Pistol Grip Screwdrivers

pistol grip system

DTI 5000 automatic screw feeding and pistol grip screwdriver systems are available in several different configurations, including standard, rigid, and retracting barrel designs.  These machines are custom designed for vertical and horizontal applications with the nose piece jaws fitting the customer’s part. The pistol screwdriver assemblies can be designed for a wide range of applications and fastener types including screws, bolts, nuts, pins, or nails.  The standard screw feeder systems cycle quickly delivering screws in less than one second in many applications.  The rigid units maintain contact between the bit and the fastener in order to locate the screw in predrilled or misaligned holes. The retracting barrel feature is offered in both rigid and non-rigid designs.  This system retracts the barrel fully when the driver starts, so that the driver components do not contact the work surface when the screw is driven. 

The DTI 5000 pistol systems are offered in both direct drive and auto shut-off clutch tools that are small and lightweight. The direct drive systems are very compact, allowing these tools to be used in applications that are difficult to access.  The fastener torque can be regulated using air pressure to prevent over tightening.  The auto shut-off clutch pistol systems reduce operator fatigue in higher torque applications.  These systems are also available in a drive-to-depth configuration, where the fastener is driven to a specific depth rather than a set torque value.  Many applications benefit from this feature, as the depth can be controlled rather than relying on the operator to stop the driver at the correct fastener depth.

Design Tool Inc. is an authorized ARO distributor, and features ARO pneumatic screwdrivers on our standard pistol systems.  However, we can build on almost any manufacturer’s screwdriver due to the versatility of our designs.  We also build DTI 5000 pistol units on DC electric screwdriving systems for customers who require greater control over the fastening process, as well as statistical analysis and reporting for quality control purposes.

         The DTI 5000 pistol screwdriving units are designed with a rugged PLC controller that controls the feed mechanism and bowl, as well as various features on the screwdriver.  The PLC features user adjustable settings for the feed blow time, bowl run time, barrel retract and extend time, and driver shut-off time in drive-to-depth applications.  These settings allow the customer freedom to tailor the driver performance to their exact application, rather than relying on a “one setting fits all” approach like our competitors.  The driver assemblies are designed for ease of maintenance as well. Our patent feed mechanism has only one moving part and is the simplest machine to operate in the industry. Most systems have a ROI of six months or less. Please contact us to quote a system to increase productivity.



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