Case Studies

Design Tool, Inc. ... Manufacturing will be up in 2013!!!

screwdriver platen assembly

For 2013, Design Tool Inc. is predicting an 8 to 10 percentage increase in Factory Automation spending in the manufacturer sector. Most Companies are still holding on to cash and are ready to spend it. As the Economy improves in 2013, Manufactures will spend money on automation to be more competitive and to increase capacity while keeping costs down.

Our Company has been spending its capital expenditures on upgrading our engineering software, machining process, and enhancing our state of the art facility. We are investing now for the growth expected rapidly for the future!

Many customers are calling Design Tool for methods on how to increase their productions goals and working with our management team to succeed in work flow design. We specify the tool and the fastener machine to speed up the manufacturing process.

Design Tool, Inc. is the world leader in Automatic feed and drive solutions to many different industries that look for our expertise in fastener solutions. We custom engineer our machines around the fastener and the customer's application. Our systems are designed with pneumatic or electric pistol grip or inline straight type drivers with with various rpm's and torque-angle solutions.

Design Tool, Inc. serves all industries that require fasteners in their products. Fasteners include screws, bolts, nuts, pins or nails.

Many of our machines have patented designs that puts us far ahead of our competitors. One example is our multi-feed system that's capable of feeding multiple screwdriving spindles from a single bowl.